From 218Lbs to 154 & Back To My Skinny Jeans At 54 By Drinking "SlimCrystal Water"

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"Hi, I’m Linda and I’m 54 years old. 

I am sharing my story here because I am really proud of the fact that even though nothing worked for me in the past...

I was able to lose 64lbs quite easily in just 6 months by drinking "SlimCrystal water" daily! 

Now, ever since starting a family 20 years ago I’ve struggled with my weight...

I knew having a child would leave me with a few extra pounds...

But I didn’t realize how hard it would be to stay in shape as a mother... I mean even for a tall woman like me... 

It only dawned on me recently how bad things were when I was told my by Doctor that my blood sugar is too high and that I might develop diabetes...

Given the less-than-active lifestyle I had, it shouldn’t have been a big surprise.

But the news made me really scared of course.

And when I thought about all the health problems it could lead to, I became terrified.

I started making small changes; reducing my portion size, trying to cut out the snacks, and even tried a few workouts.

But when the current global situation came along, I got so stressed and worried I began to comfort eat.

I know this was the worst thing I could have done, but in my head, I kept justifying it.

Certain things were beyond my control after all. Plus, what else could I do?

Gyms were closed, and I never enjoyed working out in the park as everyone was always staring at me…

A friend of mine told me about how she dropped 3 dress sizes by drinking SlimCrystal water daily, but I didn't believe her!

But then, I came across a story on my news feed about a woman who was a little older than me and had lost over 100Ibs by drinking the same SlimCrystal water...

After I made some research and figured out how is the SlimCrystal water prepared...

I decided to give it a try!

But just to be sure, I managed to get a video call with my Doctor...

I shared the details with him and he told me that the SlimCrystal water looked perfect for me to try.

The first thing I noticed was the fact that I became full of energy and I was able to control my urges to comfort eat. 

In fact, after drinking half of liter of SlimCrystal water in the morning, I was not hungry anymore. 

In the first few weeks I was able to lose almost 2 inches off my waistline. 

Having regained control over my eating and having seen that something is finally working, gave me a big confidence boost too, which helped me get a promotion at my job.

I continued drinking 2-3 liters of SlimCrystal water every day and I decided to start eating healthier.

Instead of pizza I went for grilled chicken with some vegetables, and so on...

I am feeling amazing, plus I am slowly getting toned as well.

I lost a total of 64lbs and got down from 218Ibs to 154 and I can wear my skinny jeans once again.

As you see, my body completely changed as I started to develop an attractive shape. 

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I really think everyone should be drinking SlimCrystal water daily because it changed everything for me!

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I am sure you'll love it!"

Linda Jenkins